Tuesday, June 28, 2011

"We have someone who does that."

Noooo … you don’t.

But, it’s a line I hear from businesses all the time. It’s a way of putting off a query from a salesperson or consultant or freelancer or maybe just an enthusiastic, do-gooder customer. In fact, the business may have someone who has “that” on their list of responsibilities … but, “that” is way down the list. Or, perhaps that “someone” is just incompetent at “that.”

A case in point, whether I’m selling or not, is when a business hasn’t taken advantage of (or even simply claimed) their free Google Places listing. I can point out the problem … maybe write some simple instructions on the back of a business card or in an email and then attempt to pass it along to the key parties. Months later the listing is still unclaimed, and, perhaps the location of the business is still wrong or perhaps the information about the business is still coming from third parties and not the business owners themselves. In any case, it’s an opportunity that’s gone begging for want of a simple fix by the person who does “that.” And it may be a windfall of opportunities missed.

So, if we’re to ask for accuracy and candor from a potential client, perhaps we should be hearing:

“We have someone who doesn’t do that.”

Do you have “someone who does that”? Are you sure?

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